On a frozen Minnesota lake, the ice is beginning to creak and groan. It's the end of the fishing season, and two old friends are out on the ice, angling for something big; something down there that is pure need. Something that might just swallow them whole. In Nice Fish, celebrated actor Mark Rylance draws on his own teenage years in the American Midwest, in a unique collaboration with critically acclaimed Minnesotan contemporary prose poet Louis Jenkins and the whole company. This sublimely playful, profound and very funny play transferred direct from a sell-out run in New York to the Harold Pinter Theatre, London, in 2016.
Starring Scott Wilson, Jacob Teel, Rena May, Derrik Lewis and Chris Doshier.  Directed by Suzanne Avalon and Kathleen Walker.

"Mr. Jenkins’s seemingly modest writing, attuned to close observation of everyday experience, contains, beneath its homely surfaces, larger meanings that glide softly into your mind and heart, like those elusive fish swimming beneath the ice." - The New York Times

"Nice Fish is a great catch...its whimsical observational humor is consistently amusing." - The Hollywood Reporter

"It's a compact, unpretentious play...But it’s Jenkins’ poetry — that laconic voice, extending provocative thoughts and unexpected insights — that hangs in the air at the end of the show." - Variety

"Nice Fish is a whimsical, ultimately resonant portrait of lost souls waiting to hook or be hooked." - Time Out NY